Habitat III Local Authorities Hearings


Resolution of the General Assembly on Habitat III participation modalities 

In December 2015, the General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/70/210, which contains rules on
the participation of local authorities and other stakeholders in the Habitat III process. The text of the Resolution acknowledges the organization of the second World Assembly of Local and Regional Authorities. It also invites Local Authorities to “exchange views with countries on the zero draft of the outcome document of Habitat III during “Informal Hearings” and includes a specific Rule (rule 64) regarding the participation of representatives of local authorities.

Local Authority Hearings
The Local Authority Hearings, convened by the UN, are the first UN consultative process to recognize and treat sub-national governments as a specific constituency. This represents an important step forward for the visibility and influence of local and regional governments at international level.  The Hearings will allow local government representatives to give feedback on the Zero Draft of the
New Urban Agenda in advance of PrepCom3 in Surabaya, Indonesia from July 25-27.

Political messages for the Local Authority Hearings:
The Global Taskforce will call for the Agenda to recover the spirit of the last Habitat Conference in Istanbul by reinforcing decentralization. It will also place an emphasis on the need to link the Agenda to the 2030 Agenda, and will reiterate its call for a seat at the global table for local governments.
How to participate in the Local Authority Hearings:
Global Taskforce networks should send the names of nominated political representatives to by March 21, 2016.
We will also need a short biography (10 lines) and a picture for each delegate.
Please also provide information on topic that they would like to focus on.
More information might be requested at a later stage by the UN, for registration and accreditation are held by them.