General Assembly of Members 2020 | Online Edition

Responding to the needs arising from the current international context of COVID-19 pandemics, Metropolis will organize a two-fold Congress to ensure the smooth running of this vital event for the association: the Metropolis 13th World Congress.

The Congress is hosted by Guangzhou, one of Metropolis’ champion members, as it operates our Urban Innovation program and Regional Secretariat, and acts as Co-President of our association. As one of the planet’s 33 megacities with at least 10 million inhabitants, Guangzhou embodies the metropolisation process—a phenomenon that is taking place worldwide and is unprecedented in the history of humanity.

Our twofold Congress will have a first part consisting of a live broadcast experience for the renewal of our statutory bodies (30 November 2020), and a face-to-face second part in 2021 that will also include the Global Mayors Forum and the ceremony of the 5th Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation.

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Convened every three years, the General Assembly of members is the sovereign body of our association and it hosts a unique forum to jointly build a strategic narrative for the coming period 2021-2023. It is also the agora where all our active members will elect a new Board of Directors for the coming period.

For the first time in the Assembly’s thirty-five-year history, local leaders of member cities and regions will not gather in person due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the meeting will be conducted online on Monday, 30th of November 2020.


Kindly contact Teresa Oliver, Statutory Affairs Officer at the Secretariat General ( for further details.