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Finances: the backbone of metropolitan governance

During the second day of the Smart City Expo World Congress, we will present the publication of the Metropolis Observatory: "Finance: the backbone of metropolitan governance". The author of the document, Ms. Enid Slack (Professor at the University of Toronto), will talk to us about finance but with a metropolitan perspective, analysing the current situation, the challenges that it poses to us, as well as the proposals for action that are included in the publication.



9h- 9h20 Session Opening

9h20 – 10h10 Public presentation of issue paper 7: “Finances: the backbone of metropolitan governance”

10h10 - 10h30 Coffee-break

10h30 - 12h Round table discussion with representatives of the academic world, international organizations and Metropolis members.


> Fira Gran Via, Room 1.4 in the CC1


You can read the concept note by clicking here

For further information, please contact mr. Eugeni Villalví, Project Officer for Metropolis Observatory.