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E-Government & E-Tax 2018


Seoul has shown a great leadership in e-Governance around the world. It continuously retained its high ranking in municipal e-Governance for UN surveys conducted in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2014. In line with this, Seoul Metropolitan Government is working hard to spread its excellent policies such as Night Bus services based on mobile Big Data analysis, IoT(internet of Things) services and GIS portal services.

Seoul HRD Center(SHRDC) of Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) METROPOLIS International Training Institute Headquarters(MIITI HQ)

Course Outline (All programs will be delivered in English)

• To provide an opportunity for city officials to enhance e-Government capacities in day-to-day city administration and smart city strategy with a focus on big data analysis and etc.
• To establish a policy transfer platform to exchange in-depth learning from experts and peers in e-Government and smart city area and to share good practices among participants
• To give a venue for city-to-city cooperation in building a smart city strategy and better e-Governance by sharing best practices and experiences

• Lecture
-Outline of Seoul e-Government
-e-Government and Administrative Reform
-Smart e-Government & Smart Seoul strategy
-Intelligent Transport System(ITS) & Big Data Analysis for City Policy
• Field Trip
- SK T-um, LG CNS, S-PLEXCENTER in Sangam Digital Media City, etc.

Participants Qualification:
• Managerial-level public officials in a related field
• Officials recommended by the head of a local government
• Officials with a good command of English
• Officials who have never participated in training programs organized by both SMG and SMG affiliated organizations