Digital Citymakers Summit 2023: Urban Solutions for Global Challenges

The world is becoming more and more urban. Due to the concentration of the population and human activities in cities, global challenges become particularly evident here. At the same time, cities are hubs of knowledge and creativity. They are places where citymakers interact, generate and test innovative urban solutions - and thus share visions of a better and more sustainable future. Urban solutions in fields such as housing, transport or migration are particularly pragmatic in nature, linking questions of everyday life with global levels of decision making. To this end, city governments and citymakers of different backgrounds turn into critical actors on a global scale. The international exchange of practical knowledge among cities and citymakers becomes indispensable for addressing global problems. Against this background, the Digital Citymakers' Summit will discuss a number of critical questions:

  • What do cities need to do to meet their growing responsibilities? How can local governments engage in dialogue with national levels of government?
  • How can city networks and international organisations facilitate this process?
  • What is needed “to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” (SDG 11)? Which urban solutions can help city and national governments to face an uncertain future?

The use platform brings the idea of sustainable urban development to life and allows citymakers worldwide to learn from and with each other. It showcases successful programmes, projects and policies and it connects an active community of urban planners, administrative experts, and international initiatives. 

This year’s Digital Citymakers’ Summit will present interesting case studies, innovative projects and inspiring practical examples. Thanks to our strong global partner network, the event will offer plenty of opportunities for exchange with fellow citymakers from around the globe.


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