Young experts from important world cities met at the end of January 2015 in Rosebank to discuss practical measures that can be introduced to make cities more inclusive and welcoming. The first working group contact session concluded with a conceptual framework that will be confirmed with supportive content to be developed. The event was attended by delegates from Berlin in Germany, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Mashhad in Iran, Mexico City in Mexico, Ramallah in Palestine and the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires.

The Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO), a research think tank have been brought on board as content development partners as the experience from their undertaking of the Quality of Life Survey and GCRO barometer have been valuable reference points for the development of the Caring Cities Barometer. Their work is accessible at:

Following on from the first contact session, nine dimensions were developed. These dimensions have been further refined and 10 dimensions are proposed that constitute a Caring City. Specific elements that contribute to the make-up of the dimensions have also been developed.

Buenos aires