Conference on Metropolitan Challenges


Presentation of the study benchmarking different lessons of cooperation and organisation of the metropolitan areas of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Manchester, Stuttgart and Zurich. This paper includes a set of political recommendations that could be applied to the case of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

About the study
This study has been developed by the Metropolitan Research Institute in Budapest, a renowned organisation in Europe specialised in urban and metropolitan areas.

Several representatives of the metropolitan areas studied are taking part in the event, which aims to analyse their shared challenges and the possible ways to adopt the recommendations proposed, taking into account their diverse contexts, levels of institutionalisation, and needs.

The final objective of this Conference is to contribute to the debates on the governance model, competencies and funding of the AMB. It is organised within the framework of the European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) initiative, which aims to provide the leaders of the European metropolitan areas with a space to discuss current metropolitan challenge.

source: AMB

You can read the programme here

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