City to City Fad Award

City to City Fad Award 

City to City Barcelona FAD Award was born in 2008, as a platform designed to track and value initiatives from all over the world that help make our cities more liveable, egalitarian and human. 

During these years, the award, which was developed in collaboration with Barcelona City Council and Generalitat de Catalunya, has recognized hundreds of international projects, big and small, that have improved daily lives of thousands of citizens, whilst growing as a platform to create relevant connections between cities, projects and people.

 22 invited projects will be displayed, coming from 17 cities around the world.
During the event, thematic roundtables will combine projects from different cities sharing common elements. Each of these tables will be introduced and conducted by members of projects from Barcelona, working on each corresponding subject. At each round table there will be two parts; the first consisting of presentations of the projects and the second sparking conversation and debate.
Main languages will be Spanish and English. 
Further information about the event is available here

For any inquiries about the event or the City to City Barcelona FAD Award: 

Natxo Medina - coordinador
+34 932 566 746