City to City Barcelona FAD Award


The deadline for submitting proposals is 12 April 2016

City to City Barcelona FAD Award was born in 2008 from a collaboration between the FAD, the City of Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya. Its goal was clear: to detect and to highlight urban improvement projects around the world that have as main objective to make a more livable city for its inhabitants.

Over its first five editions, this award has recognized hundreds of international projects: 5 winners, 10 finalists, 21 entries and more than 400 projects from 236 cities around the world.

During these years, the prize has been approaching to bottom-up projects, and opening itself more and more to the streets and the world as a whole. A goal that has deepened since 2015 with activities such as the retrospective exhibition "The City in our Hands" which was displayed at the end of the year in the Design Hub of Barcelona,as well as on the streets around, and opened with a lecture by Francesco Tonucci.

Also with a number of changes in the functioning of the whole event: from now on, the prize will be biennial and especially theme. Each issue will focus on an idea. The 2016 edition of the award will focus on "learning initiatives in the city" and the call is now open. We are looking for projects that move at intersections between educational world, public space, urban pedagogy and collective knowledge. Already developed initiatives that encourage citizen activation and collective recovery of the public, and consider the complexity of the spaces that we all use daily as a wealth and social interaction as the engine to improve urban life.

Registration of projects is based primarily on an antenna system, people throughout the world are in contact with urban projects. But the system for applications is actually fully participatory and open. Anyone who knows projects can present them. It's as easy as entering the Award's website,, click the button that says "sign up" and quickly fill out a simple form. There is no limit on the number of proposals, and these can come from any country in the world except Barcelona. 

The verdict of the jury, which this year will chair the aforementioned educator, writer and artist Francesco Tonucci, will be announced in June and the prize will be awarded in November at an event in collaboration with the city of Barcelona.

More information:

Natxo Medina //
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