Cities for Mobility International Congress

This congress is addressed to municipal practitioners, decision makers, researchers and entrepreneurs from civil society and private sector combining presentations and workshops with practical activities, such as trainings and excursions.

The 2016 edition will focus on the linkage between mobility and urban planning when it comes to design and put into practice sustainable transport and active travel in cities. It also deals with the question of how municipalities can combine long term planning (e.g. in infrastructure) with smaller and cheaper measures that are innovative, visible and easier to implement in urban space in the short term. In addition, several initiatives from civil society and research will come together at the Cities for Mobility congress in Stuttgart to bring in their ideas to support a change of mobility culture through awareness campaigns and pilots in public space. Some of these ideas will be presented in the workshop on mobility culture and in a small exhibition at Stuttgart City Hall.

One of the highlights at the Cities for Mobility Congress 2016 will be a cargo bike road show that will be offered for participants, citizens and interested stakeholders from business, on June 20 at the market square in front of the Stuttgart City Hall. Participants will have an extra slot during lunch time to visit the road show so that they don't miss the program.

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