Smart City Live

Cities for Global Health: A city-to-city platform to face the pandemics

This session is organized by Metropolis as part of side events organized during the Smart City Live -the online edition of Smart City Expo World Congress. The participants will be representatives from cities that have shared their ideas, projects and actions in the Cities for Global Health platform.

Key topics & questions

  • In which dimensions of metropolitan governance (financial, mobility, housing…) have your metropolis implemented more changes/innovations?... could you share some examples?.

  • The city-to-city cooperation has played an important role during this crisis. How has your city/metropolis participated in this (eg. more implication in city networks, sharing information directly with other cities...)?

  • Most of the changes implemented by metropolises have been an immediate response to the emergency. Of those do you envisage some of those that have come to stay?.

  • The COVID-19 has exacerbated pre-existing tensions and inequalities, in particular in relation to women: gender violence, adequate compensation and decent working conditions for paid care workers many of them women, are the more relevant. How has your metropolis faced this specific emergency?


Wednesday, November 18 15:00h - 15:45h (GTM +1)

Languages: English and Spanish

Participants: Representatives from Belo horizonte, Daegu and Madrid (tbc)


Concept note

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