Call For Photos: Growing With The Cities

To celebrate the 10th year of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, the Secretariat of Guangzhou Award is looking for photos that capture the course of urban development in cities. The selected entries will be displayed at the Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Award.


The motive that moves Growing With The Cities is that cities are thickly inhabited by memories. The process of the city development has been inscribed into the urban landscape: the renovation of an old build, the launch of a new railway or the creation of a green space, are all part of this evolution. Guangzhou asks their participants what are the changes to their cities and how have you been involved in these changes?


Photo conditions

  • Black and white as well as colour photographs will be accepted
  • Single image as well as images in series (up to 5 photos for each series) will be accepted
  • Only electronic photos and printed photos that have been converted into scanned documents will be accepted
  • All submitted images should be in JPEG format. The file size of each photo should be no larger than the recommended 15MB
  • Only minor modifications to the photos will be allowed (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.). No composite photos will be accepted


More about the Call For Photos: Growing With The Cities, terms and conditions of the contest and the application process here.