Bilateral meeting with FMDV

Below are three ideas that we will explore in the coming months:


1.    Workshop in Jakarta: In early 2023, Metropolis, in coordination with CGLU Asia Pacific (ASPAC) would invite its ten Indonesian members (Bandar Lampung, Bogor, Jakarta, Jember, Makassar, Palembang, Semarang, South Tangerang, Surabaya, West Kalimantan) to a meeting in Jakarta, as part of its pre-Congress mobilization. That would be an opportunity to organize, as a part of the meeting, a joint workshop, where FMDV would bring information about the possibilities that Indonesian cities have to access international funding, and also FMDV could present its own activities in the region.

FOLLOW UP: FMDV will first check that this is a workable idea on their end. If it is, Metropolis will check with CGLU Asia Pacific, who would need to be associated to this event, and, if all works well, propose dates in early 2023 for the event and check the appetite of the Indonesian membership.


2.    Brussels’ Investment Forum: Back to back with Metropolis’s Brussels Congress, FMDV and Metropolis would jointly organize an Investment Forum around a very general topic (for instance, ‘Sustainable and Resilient Cities’). Metropolis members would be invited to present projects seeking international funding in a call for projects. FMDV and Metropolis would make a first cut of the best projects. In Brussels, the Mayors of the selected cities would be invited to present their projects to a selected group of international lending institutions in an event co-organized and co-facilitated by FMDV and Metropolis. The idea is for the space to become a match-making opportunity linking cities to potential lenders.

FOLLOW UP: Metropolis to check that this can be done in Brussels during the days of the Congress or immediately before/after. FMDV to share some reference documents to start shaping the possible Brussels event.


3.    Metropolis Congress 2023: Around the Congress, there would be a working session bringing together a small group to discuss modalities for future cooperation. Depending on how advanced things are by that point, there could be a broader announcement of the will of both organizations to cooperate more closely on matters of common interest by the Governor of Abidjan or another political representative of FMDV.

FOLLOW UP: Metropolis to pencil down this possibility for its Congress, while both organizations focus on the other two possibilities.