BILATERAL MEETING - 20/10/2020 - Online - P012

The Municipality of Cordoba is developing a Mobility Observatory. This meeting aims to identify the synergies that may exist between this observatory and the Metropolis Observatory. Depending on the development phases in which both observatories are, possible lines of collaboration could be defined in the future (for example, common standards for systematizing information, making diagnoses, etc). 

Participants Municipality of Cordoba:
- Andrés Michel (Director of Statistics and Census)
- Rodrigo Ceballos (Director of International Relations)
- Micaela Favaro (Head of the Transport Observatory)
- Natalia Sanchez (International Relations Office)

Participants Secretariat General Metropolis:
- Lia Brum, head of the Metropolis Observatory project
- Oscar Chamat, focal point for Latin America and the Caribbea