Africa Strategy Workshop: Promoting the Role of Cities

Drawing on the experience of the Cities Alliance portfolio in Africa, the workshop aims to provide a platform for Cities Alliance members and partners to share lessons learned, debate key issues and inform future action in support of cities and the urban transition in Africa. This will inform the Cities Alliance and its members in contributing to the implementation of Agenda 2030 in general, and SDG11 in particular, as well as the Paris Agreement.

This event in Accra is both an opportunity to report back to the governments and partners with whom the Cities Alliance has been working over a number of years, to debate and validate the information, and to chart ways in which we can use this evidence and analysis as a platform to deliver practical results over the next few years.
This meeting is an important step in the elaboration of the Cities Alliance Africa Strategy. Over half of all Cities Alliance members will be represented in Accra
A summary of the workshop will be presented at the forthcoming 5th UCLG Congress  - World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders (12-15 October in Bogota), and at the Habitat III Conference (17-20 October in Quito).
This workshop is co-hosted with the Government of Ghana, a member of the Cities Alliance Management Board.