7th Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

The current COVID-19 epidemic has to date, become the strongest indication that governance capacities at various levels of government fall short of delivering adequate responses to complex, global emergencies (CGE). These last ones are to be understood as long-lasting emergencies that -hold a high degree of uncertainty and that can erode the stability – in cultural, civil, political and economic terms – of societies.  

Accordingly, responses to CGE require a multilevel approach from urban, metropolitan and regional governance which have had to and will continuously require to change rapidly to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. Place-based governance reforms are critical to accelerate the responses from subnational governments to the CGE such as global health and climate crises, natural disasters, extreme and growing inequalities, unrest, socio-economic and political shocks, and a more fragile global economy, among others. 

The session brings together actionable information, suitable frameworks and principles, knowledge and discussion to navigate the new demands for city and regional governments leading responses to CGE. 

The proposed session has three main components: 

  • A keynote presentation on the inspirational frameworks and insights developed by the Emergency Governance Initiative (EGI): This initiative is being executed since 2020 by the same 3 organizing entities LSE, UCLG and Metropolis, for which several research, workshops and analysis have been developed.  It aims to gather how to build institutional capacities for more effective territorial responses to CGE and the governance of grand challenges.
  • Three practice cases by key cities focusing on leadership and innovation for the following aspects: 
    • Emergency response and democratic legitimacy: Conflicts between rapid and radical action versus democratic representation.  
    • Multilevel emergency governance: Adapting government remits to emergency needs and joining-up emergency actions.  
    • Emergency finance and resourcing:  Amplification of existing financial challenges and responding to financial pressure by flexible and solidarity financial schemes.
  • Discussion forum between panellists and participating guests: The session will make use of interactive engagement tools including mentimeter and zoom chat.