5th European Metropolitan Authorities Forum

Around Europe, EMA's forum brings together Metropolitan Areas and cities to discuss the main challenges of metropolitan governance aiming to define the basis for collaboration between Europe's metropolises and their relations with European Institutions and national governments.

Considering that 72% of the total EU population (almost 359 million people) live in large cities and metropolitan areas, and the forecast shows that in 2050 this figure will exceed 80%, the possibility of getting local metropolitan authorities together in a political space for debate such as EMA is full of meaning. 

The previous editions of EMA took place in Barcelona (2015), Torino (2016), Warsaw (2017) Rome (2018), and Lyon (2019). This year the fifth edition of EMA's annual forum will take place in Porto during November 11th and 12th. The upcoming edition will focus on the metropolitan financial recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic and the transition towards more sustainable and smart cities, with a special mention in to transport and mobility.



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