23rd Mercocities Summit

The Municipal Autonomous Government of La Paz, together with the government of the city of Cordoba, which currently holds the Presidency of Mercociudades, invite all member cities of the Network to participate in the XXIII Summit of Mercociudades "Culture: pillar of integration and sustainable development" from 5 to 7 of December in La Paz, Bolivia. Registration for the meeting will be available online shortly.

The Summit is the most important annual event in Mercociudades, within the framework of which the General Assembly, the highest organ of deliberation and direction, takes place. It also approves the annual Work Plan and assumes all the authorities of that new period. It gathers most of the active members of the Network through the Council, the Board of Directors and the Thematic Bodies. It is also a point of contact with various regional and global bodies interested in taking joint action.

This year the Summit will welcome local government authorities from all over the region and aims to be a space where culture occupies a privileged place, under the slogan: "Culture: a pillar of integration and sustainable development".

The meeting will be a space to discuss cultural issues and issues related to municipal public policies that address innovation and governance, with emphasis on citizen participation, and the construction of resilient societies within the framework of regional integration.

The Sustainable Development Objectives and the role of cities in their achievement will also be addressed.

The registration form as well as the provisional program of the Summit will be online as soon as possible.