1st international exhibition new urban technologies ICS 2016

1st International Festival on New Urban Technologies

Knowledge-based development of cities is a new form of development in the knowledge era with the aim of bringing about economic prosperity and environmental sustainment associated with a socio-spatial order within the cities. In the meantime, creativity and innovation specifically, from the economic perspective, are important components in recombination of the elements to achieve new technologies, knowledge-based development, and consequently, the comprehensive growth.

To this end, providing the necessary platforms for identification and utilization of new urban technologies, Isfahan metropolis is going to take advantage of technological creativities as a powerful stimulus for economic growth aiming at entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, and improving the citizens' quality of life.

Major fields of the festival:

  • Architecture & Urbanism
  • Construction & Urban Development
  • Tourism
  • Environment & Urban Ecosystems
  • Smart Governance