the 13th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management (Tehran Urban Forum -TUF)

Tehran Urban Research and Planning Center (TURPC), Tehran Municipality, in collaboration with AMF is preparing to conduct
the 13th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management (Tehran Urban Forum -TUF) during 11-14 December 2021 online.
This event with the aim of developing scientific discourse, exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and transferring successful experiences in the field of urban management, will be focused on different dimensions of urban governance.

The event, which has been promoted from institutional and local level to national and
international levels for more than a decade, has sought to provide a context for the
scientific, academic and innovative community to think together to address urban
The Festival Goals:
• Identifying, exchanging and promoting scientific and experimental achievements in the
field of urban management

• Interacting with cities in Iran and the world, organizations and institutions and research
centers with the aim of sharing knowledge and transferring urban experiences
• Networking and communicating with thinkers, elites, academic community with the aim
of scientific synergy and the use of collective wisdom
• Strengthening the application of theoretical research, completing and operationalizing
the components of the science and urban innovation chain

• Honoring and appreciating researchers in the field of urban management and
motivating them for more participation.
Main Topics:

1-Re-Opening the Cities in Post-Covid19 World
2- Reviewing and evaluating the past and current urban transformations and the urban
future that we are expecting for.
This event has been planned with the participation of institutions, universities, urban
research and innovation centers, knowledge-based companies, science and technology
parks, scientific associations with the idea of utilizing the latest scientific products and
creative solutions to solve urban challenges.
We try to take full advantage of the capacity of participation and cooperation of all
personalities, universities and scientific centers.
Thematic Areas:
• Urban Futurology
 Urban Policy Making and Strategic Planning
• Urban Development Strategies and Town Planing
 Urban Design and Architecture
 Urban Services
• Urban Health, Safety, Resiliency and Crisis Management
• Urban Social and Cultural Development
• Municipal Finance and Urban Economy
• Urban Knowledge Management and Learning Cities
• Municipal Human Capital Development and productivity
•Urban Infrastructures
• Urban Innovation and Smart Cities
• Urban Energy and Environment
•Urban Mobility, Transportation and Traffic
• Urban Diplomacy and Communication

• Urban-Rural Linkage
In this regard It would be highly appreciated if you could join us in our upcoming online
event through preparing a short supporting and encouraging message containing your
valuable approaches, viewpoints, evaluations and experiences (on past, present, future
transformations) in one of the two above mentioned main topics which could be focused
on the one special thematic areas in form of an up to 5 minutes video or 750 words
written text.


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