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Internationalisation and metropolitan spaces


On the base of the Metropolis Issue paper "The internationalisation and metropolitan spaces", Metropolis learning and the Observatory projects jointly with Proyecto ALLAS organised a webinar which highlighted that nowadays the management of local policies and the exercise of their competences by local governments implies the need to generate links with international actors and their insertion in that sphere. Internationalization has gradually gained cross-cutting space within the institutional, political and territorial objectives of local administrations, moving towards becoming a strategic action and, eventually, public policy

  • Internationalization and public policies
  • Cooperation and international strategies
  • Global impact of metropolitan measures
  • Communication: a key element for public policy legitimization
  • Analysis of internationalization strategies around the world
  • Recommendations for the internationalization of metropolitan spaces
  • Mariana Flores, Executive Director of Institutional Representation, Government of Mexico City
  • Santiago Betancur, AL-LAs 
  • Rahmatouca Sow Dièye, deputy Chief of Staff, Ville de Dakar
  • Fatimetou Boukhreiss, head of Cooperation, Région de Nouakchott
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