Voice of the Mayors

The leading decision-makers in major cities all over the world, most commonly known as mayors, must be closely heeded and understood by the international community. These local executive officers embody the message of millions of urban dwellers and their daily requirements: employment, housing, mobility, education, healthcare, safety and energy are just some core items of extensive lists of responsibilities. They are the ones held to account by city inhabitants to take care of the specific issues that arise in each of the many fields of the urban life. 

Voice of the Mayors is a landmark collection of publications released between 2014 and 2015 to mark Metropolis' 30th anniversary. Here you will find the testimonials of 27 leaders from our membership, who explain in the first person the nuts and bolts of actions that they implemented throughout their term(s) of office, and which have been held up as examples of successful governance in different fields of urban life.