Project Overview
Project number
Project Outline

This project encompasses all the Metropolis communication actions and is carried out in accordance with its Communication Action Plan. This Plan is designed taking into account all the Metropolis projects and in line with the association’s strategic goals. This project will enable to strategically manage the association’s official communication channels and products. 

Outline of aims and outcomes of the project
Main goal

1. Increase the visibility of Metropolis among both the general public and its membership


Complementary objectives
1.1.Increase the digital positioning of the metropolis website and its contents (activities, ressources, statements, etc)
1.2. Increase the messages on urban diplomacy and metroplitan advocacy (L2)
1.3. Enhance the regional-oriented promotional materials
Indicators for a successful project
Project indicator Number to be achieved Project indicator achieved until present % Achieved
Metropolis Institutional presentation 1 0 0.00%
Increase the reach on socia media (to be defined with the SEO and digital communications consultant)
Mentions in the media 120 0 0.00%
Learning Station on website 1 0 0.00%