METROPOLIS’ Regional Secretaries will meet in Barcelona on 9 and 10 February 2015

METROPOLIS’ regional secretaries as well as representatives of the association’s co-presidents will meet with the Secretariat General team in Barcelona on 9 and 10 February 2015.

This meeting will be the opportunity to finalise preparations for the next METROPOLIS Board of Directors meeting to take place in Buenos Aires from 18 to 21 May 2015. Said meeting is to see the approval of the appointment of the new Secretary-General of METROPOLIS, the setting up of the finance committee and a vote on METROPOLIS’ contribution to the 3rd United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III). The meeting will also be the occasion to reflect on the networking dynamics among all the partners, which will mark the forerunner to the general meeting of all METROPOLIS members and partners in Buenos Aires.