International Conference on Urban Planning and Management

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25/04/2017 (Jour entier) - 26/04/2017 (Jour entier)
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Conference on urban planning management Mashhad

Conference on urban planning management Mashhad

the Islamic City Council of Mashhad, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad Municipality and Research Center for Mashhad City Council, after resoundingly seven successful national conferences on urban planning and management, are intended to hold the first international conference on Urban Planning and Management: Mashhad 2017" in 25,26 April 2017.

The aim of this conference is attracting the attention of the scientific community to take advantage of new approaches in urban planning and management and providing a platform for interaction and exchange of experiences between the academic and administrative units at national and international level. All academics, researchers, professionals, managers, government agencies and non-governmental experts and consultants associated with urban affairs at national and international level are invited to submit paper or attend the conference.